Top 12 Web Designing Sites That Spell Innovation

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The web is full of websites or apps meant for creative designers. Every site owner should understand a little about graphic design if they are to fulfil the designing needs and aspects for their website. In the list of top websites for designers this month, we bring you a collection of people of diverse backgrounds in tech, design, lettering, illustration, and arts. This also includes a new color grade generator. Among them is an agency website packed with an interactive and beautiful design of Easter eggs.

Here is the list of those that made it to the top, for the creativity lovers and designers out there.

AfFEMation is a website that gives a profile of women who have made an important contribution to the graphic design industry. This covers women who have shone in the arts as far back as 1960 in Australia. If you want to see what these women have done in the arts and design industry in Australia to merit this platform, AfFEMation reveals it all.

People of Craft

People of Craft is the creation of Amelie Lamont and Timothy Goodman. This is website has continually grown in the graphic design industry. For great designers who have a penchant for arts, People for Craft is a place for showcasing their crafts through the creativity of colors, advertising, designs, tech, lettering, illustration, and arts. You’ll find so much more on graphic design in this beautiful platform.

ColorSpace Gradient Color CSS Generator

When you are feeling young and willing to play with colors and CSS, ColorSpace Gradient Color CSS Generator is the website to be. You can use this website with just a few actions. Input two colors into the system and wait for the tool to generate a beautiful color gradient, and the corresponding CSS code. This is an intuitive website that non-designers will find useful too, especially if you are working on CSS and want the color code in CSS for your chosen design.

One Day In My World

This is a graphic design website that is mental health oriented. You’ll find real people who post mental health challenges. They may have special designs of mental health challenges still running at the time of this writing, as October 10 is Mental Challenge Remembrance Day. To use this site, simply click on the Enter tab to go through the stories. Many are not just mental health issues but additional issues such as poverty, neglect, sickness, and other social vices that affect mentally challenged persons. This is a common case in third world countries like Africa.

Hogwarts Experience on Pottermore

If you want to experience the digital version, and get the feel of the grounds and castle, Pottermore gives you the chance to explore on this interactive site. Pottermore recently launched this interactive design of Hogwarts experience. This website is based on the Harry Potter books, where you’d find the castles, the school, and some stories. This is a massive website that comprises of a membership platform, thus creating a community, a news tab, stories and many other features you’d love about designs and arts. Click on the Discover tab in the top right-hand corner to read the present stories.

Inside the Head

This website examines the art world by paying homage to life, and its transitional periods. It is directed at young adults who are trying to make something out of life, or living life to the fullest the best way they can. The website can be described as straightforward and direct. It shares stories of the confusions, the delusion, and troubles faced by young people, who are probably lost in the crowd and in the world around them. Inside the Head gives insight to both psychological and mental torture experienced by young adults. This platform is a place that offers assistance and support through arts and graphic design, to help alleviate pain suffered by the affected individuals.

Simply Chocolate

If you want something distinct and rare designs of chocolates, Simply Chocolate is for you. It is a website that is memorable for its interactive details, made possible with equally interactive graphic designs. The interaction ignites the memory of chocolate, presented in attractive bars and shapes that people love.

Grip Limited

The Grip is an Ad agency which furnishes a unique style in graphic design. The company commemorated their 15-year anniversary with a new website that features many Easter eggs to interact with. This is a way to demonstrate the art aspect of Grip Limited. The website is friendly, and helps customers with easy navigation. 


Draggable is a modular library, and allows ‘drag and drop’ operation when using the website. It encourages users to begin small, and start adding the features they require. It motivates users to build from the ground up. Users are given the freedom to use the code found in the library for both commercial and personal use. The common features are swappable, collidable, sortable, accessible, and extensible. You get tempted to build with this website while having access to its freebies.

A Violent Act 

This was created by the award-winning international organization, SBS. This platform expresses many interactive visuals that come through an equally intuitive interface. It contains archival images, video clips, and police records. This is an investigative design platform with stories and cases examined by the writers. You’d find examples such as murder cases on this platform.

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When looking for designs that cover all aspects of creative designing, Wallpaper has the best resources you can think of. Likewise with volumes and options to choose for your design. It recently launched an iPhone-based informative news application that works on a daily schedule. Business managers, writers, and executives will find this useful to keep up with design industry news.

Design Taxi

Design Taxi is a design platform in touch with modernity and electronics. If you are looking to get something on quirky stories, you will be served right with Design Taxi. You can get updates on apps and technology-inclined designs, including aesthetics which go a long way in influencing your approaches and strategies.

Art and design is a very creative world where images and figures are used to pass on a message. For art lovers and designers, these 12 top graphic design sites are some of the many sites that cater best to your design needs.

Got more sites for designers you’d like to share? Kindly let us know in the comment box below.

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