Building a Legacy as a Freelance Graphic Designer

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“I’ve been using for almost nine years already,” said Sonny Aldave, a 35-year-old graphic designer from Quezon City, Philippines.


Having worked as a freelancer since 2007, freelancing is no longer just a career for Sonny, it has become his lifestyle. It’s his only means of income and he dedicates most of his time and effort in bidding and working on projects.


Work Anytime, Anywhere


Sonny loves his flexible work schedule because gets paid as long as he meets the agreed deadline and project requirements. Whenever an errand arises, he can put his projects on hold and go back to it after to make necessary improvements. Sonny makes sure his designs always look excellent by setting aside time to polish his work.


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Sonny also enjoys being able to work anywhere he wants --  sometimes in a coffee shop or restaurant. All he needs are his laptop, an electrical outlet, and a whole bunch of ideas.


Whenever Sonny needs a break from the fast-paced city life, he packs his laptop and travels to other places to work. His favorite workstation away from the city is the beach because for Sonny, nothing beats working in such a beautiful environment.


Sonny’s Freelancing Motto


After spending a few days on the beach, he goes back to Manila and starts grinding it out with fellow freelancers. Having a Plus Membership allows Sonny to bid on more projects.


For Sonny, his trump card over the competition is experience.


”One thing I learned from my nine years of experience working as a freelancer is to focus on specific skills that you are capable of doing and skills that you are good at. If you are a graphic artist and you like making logos, just focus on that,” Sonny shared.


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This has been Sonny’s motto throughout his career. His 649 successful projects are testaments to his dedication in perfecting his craft. Working with freelancers all over the world has taught Sonny so much. He has had clients from Canada, Australia, Kuwait, USA, and Israel among many others.


The most difficult project he faced was when a client requested him to create a powerpoint design template. As a designer, Sonny knew what looked good and what didn’t. What made the project difficult was when the client provided Sonny with very little to work with -- a Word document containing the details, logo, and graphics that were of very low resolution. Since Sonny’s goal was to get more clients with Powerpoint design projects, he accepted it.


It was a very challenging project for Sonny. The project’s complexity pushed Sonny to the limit. He didn’t accept any more projects and stopped bidding for the time being. Once he created a good product, he immediately sent it over to the client to get some feedback. I created a draft first and sent it to the client for approval. Always keep in mind that it's important to provide drafts first to avoid wasting time,” said Sonny.


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Luckily, Sonny’s expertise included Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. He worked his magic and transformed the unpleasing resolution of the original photos and turned them into something much more usable.


The project was a success. “I was really happy because the client loved the design and wanted to work with me again. In this situation, it’s important to focus on the project. Learn additional design tools like Adobe Illustrator, not just Photoshop because there are instances you will need them both. They both compliment your skills,” Sonny added.


When you set a goal, you must stop at nothing to achieve it. You will have to put in the work. There will also be times where you fail, and during these times, your character will be tested. Just keep your eyes on the finish line. If you are determined enough, you will get there. Maybe not today, but someday.


Sharing Success


For a design to be successful, Sonny suggests communicating thoroughly. “Make sure to get the necessary information about the design project and once you have the details, do some research about the product or/and the company. Not only that but the competition too. Communication and research are very important for a successful design,” Sonny added.


The success Sonny has had on has filled him with contentment and joy. Instead of keeping his success secrets to himself, he shares them with his family and friends. “I was also able to help my friends find projects on They are very thankful that I shared Freelancer with them. Today, they too are full-time freelancers,” said Sonny.


Hire Sonny and immortalize your branding with a logo.

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