6 Marketing Must-Haves For An Online Startup

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In the startup space, you can have an idea in the morning and be live and online by the afternoon with a fully functioning and live website. But what next? There's far more to an online startup than a website.

Just because you have the best idea or concept and you understand how it can save people time, money or stress it doesn’t mean that people are just going to come to you - you will need to market your online startup to ensure it gets in front of your target audience and drives sales or engagement.

As an online startup, there are six key marketing ‘must haves’ to get your online startup booming.

Here are our top ‘must-haves’ for startups:

Get a Marketing Plan

When creating your online startup, you can’t be a specialist at everything in your business, so it's best to get a clear plan so you can determine what tasks you can farm out to experts and what you can do yourself in-house. A marketing plan will provide a clear and concise action plan for you and your online startup to get your business moving.

A marketing plan will set you quantifiable targets & objectives to ensure you are guiding your startup in the right direction. It will provide valuable insights into your competitor’s as well as the market itself.

Your plan will outline a clear and actionable list of tactical marketing strategies for your online startup to prosper. These should always include above the line (ATL) and below the line (BTL) activities that will be aimed at driving revenue for your business. Your strategies should always be geared towards a sustainable ‘return on investment’ as an online startup, not fluffy ‘brand building activities.'

As a startup, you probably won’t have cash to burn, so it's key that you outline your available marketing budget, and create strategies that can be implemented over 12-18 months that are ‘scalable’ and can be increased as you bring in revenue.

A marketing expert can create a plan for you and provide a comprehensive, complete strategy that can be used as a roadmap for success.

Get a Website Developed

As an online startup your website is your lifeblood, it must speak to your customers, engage with them and provide a seamless solution for their problem. While there are plenty of DIY options, it’s a good idea to create a professional website using a web developer and web designer to ensure your brand is red hot and attracting new customers and possibly investors.

Getting a web designer to build your website from the ground up, with your brand, your customers and their requirements built into every stage is a great option, and there are plenty of freelancers that can create a bespoke site that won’t cost the earth.

Focus on SEO 

As an online startup, it is no secret that you will need SEO – so what does that mean exactly?

Search engines utilize complex algorithms and to maximize your success in your online startup; there are clear advantages that an experienced web designer, developer, and content writer can create to ensure your SEO is set up correctly, so it is ready and raring to go.

There are many ways in which your website can be geared to drive SEO using paid and organic SEO techniques such as:

  • Blogs: regular, updated content providing insights and interactivity with the market

  • Videos or podcasts: embedded content providing activity when users access site

  • Regular web updates: updates that ensure your website is always active and current

  • SEO content: Including keyword usage, readability, keyword density, grouping and embedded text

  • Paid SEO: based on a set number of keywords

Setting up SEO in your plans for an online startup should be done ideally at the very beginning of your launch, not as an afterthought.

Engage With Your Customers

Build artificial intelligence, functions, and features into your online startup that your customer wants.

AI such as chat bots, social media advertising, webinars are all examples of fantastic tools – but do your customers need them? How are the activities you are investing in going to bring revenue into your online startup?

This is a key question you must continually ask yourself – how is what I am doing today going to bring about an increased enjoyment or activities for your customer's experience? How is it going to bring your online startup more money? If it is not going to do either, you are simply adding fluff or features that you don’t need.

Another consideration is engagement, if you have social media platforms set up ensure your commenting, replying and reviewing all comments, mentions and anything your customers or followers are saying about your business. This information is all valuable and will provide your startup with genuine and valuable feedback.

Consider testing your product or service with a small group of your followers; this will allow you to do some beta testing to make any small tweaks and get feedback. While you might think your ideas is the bee's knees, it’s important to test it and get feedback from your target market.

Get a Designer

Great design sells products – it’s that simple. A designer can add the professional touch to anything from a sales pitch deck to a website to a business card. It is paramount that the image that your online startup conveys is that of a professional, capable outlet – especially in the B2B space.

Designers are available on a contract or project basis and can assist with your image selection, logo development, brand creation and working alongside your marketing expert and web developer can produce a cost-effective path to success for your business.

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Or do your online startup to be left in the dark? Don’t fluff around and try and do the design yourself if you’re not a qualified or experienced graphic designer, there is a stack of other things you could be doing for your startup that are a better use of your time.

Focus on Your Metrics And Analytics

Finally, to tie all of the above together, the key to a successful marketing campaign for not only your online startup but any business is to review the quantifiable results.

The volume of sales, revenue and web traffic are the obvious metrics for your online startup to track the success of any marketing campaign, but there is so much more you can dive into.

There are many tools that are there to assist you such as Google analytics, Facebook analytics and a range of internal website metrics that your developers can give you access to in regards to the online components. In addition to this, whenever you are looking to engage marketing professionals to ‘activate’ a campaign, you want to understand how every dollar you invest into marketing for your online startup equates into a return.

If you truly want your online startup to become a long term success, then investment in its foundations and marketing is critical. It’s impossible to be a one man band, so focusing on engaging the experts to assist you on your journey is key, and Freelancer.com can assist you in finding the right people to set your and your online startup on the path to success.

How do I Find Freelancers For my Startup?

If you’re looking to fill a freelance posting, you will need to create a project ad to post on a freelance marketplace or platform that will provide a clear idea of your project, your expectations, your budget and your vision.

Here’s what you need for the perfect project brief for freelance talent: 

  • Describe your startup and who you are looking for

  • Set the exact task you need to be done

  • Add in a time frame for the job

  • Outline your budget

  • Provide examples of the work you want to be done

  • Review feedback and reviews for freelancers

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