Muay Thai Enthusiast Seizes New Opportunities as a Freelancer

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Working for 15 years in the corporate setting has exhausted Shaun Klein, an Ottawa, Canada local. “I have always loved the people I’ve worked with throughout the years, but I have never been passionate about the actual work I was doing,” he shared.

In 2015, the company Shaun worked for decided to shake things up within the organization, which later on led to him being offered a job in a different city. Shaun declined the offer and chose to work solo.

Shaun leaned towards working online and he believed he could bank on his corporate experience. So, he searched the Internet for work opportunities and came across Freelancer.

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“I chose Freelancer because it had the best user ratings of all the other sites, and once I started using it, I could immediately see why. The job pool for my field is amazing, plus the support and customer service I received when I had questions about setting up my account was first-rate,” said Shaun.

Most of the jobs Shaun bids for on Freelancer involve his expertise — Microsoft Excel. Not only can he create charts and graphs, but he also programs the application to do some automated tasks. Shaun loves working on projects that involve complex business algorithms since he has to be extra critical. When a daunting project comes his way, Shaun grabs the opportunity and bids for it.

Shaun recalls a project that involved programming solutions for an Internet advertising database on Microsoft Excel. The project may have been a bit tricky at the onset, but thorough communication paved the way for the project to succeed. Shaun’s deliverables were submitted the next day. The project was a primer to more opportunities with the same employer.

No Punch Too Hard

Losing his mother at a very young age and not having an ideal environment growing up taught Shaun to be independent and determined in everything he does.

“This made me a very strong willed and resilient person and this has transcended in my life. I never give up in anything that I take on (including freelancing). It took quite some time for me to establish a solid client base but I never gave up and now it is working out great for me,” he added.

After working on Freelancer for over two years, Shaun’s earnings are close to what he was making as an employee, and he’s much happier now since he has time for martial arts, his favorite pastime.

Shaun has been training in various martial art disciplines for the past 25 years. He’s been concentrating on Muay Thai for the past five years, which is one of his stress relievers after a long day.

“Muay Thai allows me to totally disconnect from the world and focus only on training and what I am doing in that present moment. It’s one of my favorite things to do when stuck on a complex Excel model or algorithm. It fixes my brain blocks,” he said.

Full-Time Father

Aside from having time to train, freelancing allows Shaun to stay home with his son Nate while Stephanie, his pediatrician wife, goes to work.

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“Working at home allows me the flexibility to wake up with my son every day, feed him and get him ready for daycare which is essential in our family due to my wife's hectic medical career,”  added Shaun.

The Klein family is expecting another baby this April, and working from home would be a great help since Shaun could attend to his wife’s needs in a heartbeat.

Freelancer has revitalized Shaun’s passion for work. He meets new challenges every day and looks forward to even more. Not only has Freelancer affected his professional life, but his personal life as well.

“I honestly believe I am living the dream right now. I work from home through Freelancer, I love what I do, I get to train Muay Thai every day, and I have an amazing wife and a beautiful child.”

— Shaun Klein

Join Freelancer and do what you love!

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