Roundup of Stories That Caught Our Attention This Month

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We consume heaps of content online every single day. Wondering what we’re reading? At the end of each month, we’ll be sharing articles, videos, and other content from various websites that caught our attention. Feel free to tell us what’s on your reading list, too!

roundup of stories

These are just five of what we read this May:

Intuit: Gig Economy is 34% of US Workforce

The gig workforce is growing like crazy and Intuit’s CEO Brad Smith said it’s expected to be 43 percent of the US workforce by the year 2020. Doing gig work is a way for people to earn extra cash on the side while pursuing their passion. There are 68 millions freelancers in the US according to the latest report of the global consulting firm McKinsey.

9 of the Biggest Google I/O Keynote Announcements

On May 17 - 19, thousands of developers from around the globe flocked to the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California for Google I/O 2017. Some say it’s like I/O 2016 revisited, but this year’s event was way better than the previous one.

So what’s up with Google? A lot.

One of which is Google Lens. This tool will give you the information you need about a place or an object faster and in a more exciting way as it turns your smartphone camera into a search box. It will be integrated with Google Assistant, which is now also available to iPhone users.

ICYMI, here are the rest of the releases everyone’s been talking about.

Also, check out this video of the I/O 2017 highlights uploaded by Google Developers:

Fluent Design is Microsoft’s New Metro UI for Windows and More

With its new Fluent Design System, Microsoft put the spotlight on light, depth, motion, material, and scale. Users can expect the changes in Windows 10 later this year, but this video gives us a sneak peek on what the software giant will be rolling out to its desktop and email app UI.

What the Fidget Spinner Craze Can Teach You About Viral Marketing

Do you have a fidget spinner with you right now? The toy has reached its viral status as more and more people ride the wave.

In this article, Braveen Kumar detailed how you can achieve virality by understanding first what a viral loop is and how it works. Get tips on how entrepreneurs can take advantage of a developing trend. 


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The New Demand Waterfall, and Other Next-Level Marketing Insights You Need to Know

Joe Lazauskas talked about three important insights from the SiriusDecisions Summit 2017:

  • The updated Demand Waterfall (what thousands of B2B marketers considered as their bible since it was introduced in 2006)
  • Content marketing software now being “non-negotiable”
  • The gated content backlash

Here’s what Joe wrote about gated content that’s worth noting:

“We know that less than 10 percent of our potential market is going to raise their hand and become a lead. And we know that B2B buyers hate filling out forms. So then why the hell do we keep our best and most useful content hidden behind a wall?”

What interesting articles have you read this month? Share the link in the comment box below.

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