Recognizing the World’s Best Freelancers

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Freelancers who provide excellent service and maintain their high ratings are commendable. They dedicate most of their time working on projects and bidding for even more jobs. All their efforts to provide nothing but five-star quality work satisfy employers.

Recognizing the World’s Best Freelancers - Image 1 recognizes outstanding users through the Case Study Program. We feature freelancers, and even employers, from all over the world by sharing their success stories on Freelancer Community and our social media channels.

What benefits do freelancers receive from the Case Study Program?

1. Credibility and Prestige

The Case Study Program highlights Freelancer's crème de la crème. Those who are fortunate to get in the program receive a credibility boost. Having their stories published on our website proves how exceptional they are in what they do.

“Being featured on Freelancer is such a huge milestone. One benefit I experience is the boost in my client's trust. I am privileged to be part of the ones who got featured in the program.” - Kim Coching

By sharing their experiences, these freelancers get the chance to inspire and empower other people. Some of their friends and families try freelancing, hoping to emulate their secrets to success.

“Getting mentioned and recognized in a huge community is no common feat. Some aspiring Filipino freelancers asked me for some tips on how to excel on Freelancer. They read about my success through Freelancer's Case Study Program.” - Ian Fosgate

2. More Projects

One benefit of being part of the program is winning more projects. We link the freelancers’ profiles in their stories so employers are only a click away from hiring them.

“It was a great experience being featured. It helped me a lot in getting better opportunities on Freelancer. I noticed an increase in my volume of projects, especially the ones directly from the ‘hire me’ button from my profile.” - Dhiral Patel

“The case study feature was really helpful. I had more proposals from new employers! It was an amazing experience for me and I am honored to be part of this selection.” - Emiliano Villani

3. Freelancer’s Premier Membership

The most exciting reward from joining the program is having a free 6-month Premier Membership upgrade — only the best membership for the world’s best freelancers.

With the upgraded membership, they can enjoy plenty of benefits to give them better chances of earning and help them advance their freelance business.

For more details about Memberships, click here.

Do you have an interesting success story? Shoot us an email at and grab the chance to inspire more people across the globe.

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Anton Duran
Anton Duran Henkilökunta

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I am the Content Coordinator of the Marketing and Communications Team at I handle the production of stories used in the Case Study Program of the community website.

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