Publishing on LinkedIn- Lessons Learnt!

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I have listed the top 5 lessons I have learned from publishing on LinkedIn. Read on.

Lesson 1: Anyone Can Publish

I was of the belief that you needed a tag like "founder", "Evangelist", "CEO", "Practice Head" to publish articles. Apparently, anyone with a point of view can publish and get a good viewership.

Lesson 2: Conviction Matters

I wrote an article tiltled "Three ways a story can live forever" about the art of storytelling and how to make a story eternal. I am a Creative Design professional and I wrote about story-telling. The audience still loved it. It doesn't matter what you write about, but the conviction you have over the topic matters.

Lesson 3: Mild Humor works

It may not be the best strategy, but mild humor always sells. When we write an article, humor is a great way to hook the audience. Most of us like Dilbert don't we? Dilbert is the symbol of corporate humor. It is great to loosen up and not be uptight when we write articles as this increases viewership.

Lesson 4: People read Listicles more than they read articles

An article is written in a long and paragraph based structure which many readers find time-consuming to read. Listicles are a great way for people to read the highlights. If they find the list interesting, they can read the whole article. Sure way to Score! Be sure to find some great listicle key words for your post.

Lesson 5: Keep writing, don't give up

Don't get as many likes as you expect? Don't worry and never give up. People eventually read your content if you write interesting articles. It may take 10 articles to get a break even point, but persistence is the key to getting readership and influencing readers with your articles.

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