What You Need to Know About Off-Page SEO

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Often, the key to extraordinary SEO results depends more on things that happen outside of your site than what you do on the page.


Off-page SEO simply reflects what search engines look for when they want to find out what other internet users and other sites think about you. Even though most people think that off-page SEO is only link-building, there is much more to it.


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Interlink your internal pages


The first step to harvesting the power of link-building is to start at home. Linking the key pages of your site, first to your home page, and then, according to importance and relevance, to the rest of your pages, can have striking results.


Your homepage is the cornerstone of the website and it can gather a lot of steam for the rest of the pages on your site. Analyzing the user flow through the pages of your website, provide one or more useful links at the end of your page, to get the most out of this channel and help your users get the most out of the site.


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Keep up with social media


One of the most important industry revolutions of the last few years has to be the advent of social media. Having a strong and engaging presence on social media can seriously boost your SEO efforts.


Social media channels are powerful platforms on the Internet. Referrals to your website can be extremely valuable and are compounded by the many likes and shares that you can get if your content is engaging enough. These platforms value presence and engagement but always be careful with what you’re going to post. A following is built slowly, so don’t rush into it - slow but careful and constant output is rewarded in time.


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Blog about it


A blog may sound old school, but don’t underestimate how many people still flock to them for great content. If you can create a name for yourself as a key industry figure or can add an interesting spin to current industry events, a blog can become a genuine SEO motor for your website.


As in the case of social media, a blog is only as good as its content and as good as the value it adds to your reader’s life. Posting a few well thought out pieces can be a great gateway to your products and services, and an amazing way of creating referrals and word of mouth.


And, in case you want to diversify the way you address your audience, don’t forget that you can present your content in Vlog format or even as a podcast. The possibilities of creating engagement are almost limitless at the moment.


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Go where your customers are


A lot of the word of mouth that has credibility can be generated by going to forums and engaging sincerely with the current industry issues, right at the source. Reddit or industry specific forums can be a great place to not only gauge the temperature of your market but also to send users to your product or service.


Just be careful not to be too sales-oriented, because forums thrive on authenticity and honest conversation. If you’re open, honest, and you offer solutions, you can get some great gains from posting in forums.

Take these tips with you. If you need help in your SEO projects, there’s a long list of experts you can choose to hire. Post your project now!

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