Hustling? 8 Great Apps To Assist You

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Technological advancements have revolutionized the way start-up entrepreneurs conduct business. Smartphones are now de rigueur, and have enabled hustlers to use various apps to do business. This allows their businesses to grow in terms of productivity and customer overflow. Many entrepreneurs are becoming innovative enough to the point of developing their own apps, not only for use within their businesses but also for sale among the business community.

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There are numerous apps which husentlers can use to enhance their small businesses. Among the commonly known apps are Audible, Evernote, and TripIt. However, there are endless options of free apps that can help propel a small business to prosperity. Understanding the best way to use them is advantageous, as they can help you create the best content while remaining focused.

1. Meetrz introduces a simpler way of networking

The success of a business is highly dependent on how much networking an entrepreneur is able to garner. Networking in today’s world can be a complex task regardless of the digital conveniences available. There are times when entrepreneurs need to get business advice over a quick cup of coffee. This can be hard, especially if you are not familiar with certain groups of people.

With Meetrz, you are able to connect with people from all walks of life. The app understands when you need to meet your friends, or even someone you would love to know better. It helps individuals meet people within their locality for an immediate get together. The app uses location-established technology to find Meetrz users within a particular surrounding. Based on the findings from his research, Sean Whalen, the app developer, concluded that many entrepreneurs made successful business connections from random meetups. The app promotes chance occurrences on request. The advantage of using it is the feed only displays active users. It comes with restricted profiles which lets people state their most important traits to allow others to know them better.

2. Accompany is the prime definition of convenience

Entrepreneurs juggle tight schedules which involve numerous meetings and conferences. There is rarely enough time to carry out extensive research in preparation for the next meeting. This is where Accompany comes in. This app works round the clock to ensure all the information you need is on your phone at the ideal moment. It is capable of detecting a new person in the user’s calendar, after which it researches them and provides adequate information. This information can include an individual’s professional and working history, any companies they own, and other important news.

Accompany consists of thousands of companies and entrepreneurs. This provides the users with the abundance of information they need to prepare for meetings. In addition, users can utilize it as a Gmail add-on to include the most relevant data when making follow-ups.

3. UberConference for both Android and iPhone

Digital conferencing is fast overtaking physical conferencing. The UberConference app comes with various convenience options, and does not require a PIN to activate. This app is capable of calling users and lets them mute specific callers. You can also identify the person speaking during a particular time. UberConference lets users get access to various social media profiles right within the app. This gives them information they need for more productivity in the conference. Users can share their screens, and work together on projects. With the free version of UberConferencing, you enjoy unrestricted 10 participant conferences. With a business version, you get worldwide access, comprehensive analytics, and various other options.

4. Forest for adequate focus on various scenarios

This app is ideal for individuals who suffer from mobile phone addiction. With Forest, users can sow a plant which gradually grows to become a tree, and which acts as a fun tool to help keep concentration. Once the user loses focus and navigates through to other things on the phone, the growing plant eventually withers and dies. Forest comes with the following features:

  • Tracks history in an easy and convenient way

  • Lets users modify their whitelist. Abandoning Forest to utilize other apps appearing in the whitelist does not kill the tree

  • Get rewarded, and stand chances of discovering many tree species

  • Share your forest and challenge friends

  • Get numerous things done and increase your concentration

  • Forest presents users with a fun and a self-driven way of keeping on top of phone addiction.

5. CamCard for an organized network 

Entrepreneurs can now swap and regulate their business cards efficiently with the CamCard app. With this app, there will be no more manual storage of business cards, and means you have minimal chance of losing contacts. Use it to scan business cards. This app captures and stores information. It is convenient, allowing you to access contacts from anywhere. It comes with a smart management option, letting you add information against the cards such as reminders, notes, and tags. CamCard’s features let you:

  • Swap electronic business cards with people within the network

  • Place reminders and notes next to the contacts

  • Add personal information to let people know you better

  • Scan and keep business cards within the app

  • Receive contact updates

  • Maneuver through to contact addresses from a map

  • Find a contact’s company information. This gives you a conversation starting point

  • Take advantage of the 17 available languages to regulate contacts worldwide

  • Obtain contact news beyond multiple gadgets

  • Include tags to classify related cards together 

6. Google Keep

Many entrepreneurs juggle various activities. This is likely to make them forget important things. Google Keep allows users to capture what’s on their minds, as well as receive reminders accordingly. You only need to speak to the app, then it goes ahead and transcribes automatically. You can take photos of documents, receipts, or posters and arrange them appropriately - or even search for them when the need arises. You can also share your captured events with colleagues and friends. This app’s features include:

  • Synchronization of data across all gadgets

  • Addition of special visuals such as labels and color to arrange data

  • Sharing of ideas and thoughts with friends and family

  • Recording thoughts and automatic transcription by the app

  • Conveniently accessing data from anywhere

7. Zapier

Save time with Zapier through the automation of activities within various apps. This app comes with a Chrome extension which lets users commence automated plans from the Chrome toolbar. You can access Zapier from the web, as it is not available via a mobile application. However, it is compatible with over 750 apps. The free version of Zapier allows users to program 5 Zaps concurrently. Here are some examples of how you might use Zapier:

  • Develop a Trello card - include a label on a Gmail email

  • Moderate an Eventbrite ceremony - include participants to a Mailchimp table

  • Distribute a WordPress blog post - share the same on Twitter

  • Having a forthcoming event on Google Calendar - post a Tweet to remind your followers

  • Sell on PayPal - write and send an appreciation email

8. Trello

Trello is an activity management application that comes with numerous sticky notes. You can use it to develop a portion for every part of your life, whether for work and hustling or for personal ventures. Additionally, you can merge them into a big board. Various lists and chores can be conveniently swapped within the lists. This app is an ideal way of visualizing things to do, and making sure nothing goes unnoticed.     


Apps make life easier and more convenient. They have completely transformed how small business owners carry out their day-to-day activities.

Understanding how to use these convenient apps is an ideal way of enhancing business productivity, and improving the way colleagues and business networks interact with each other. 

Which apps do you use to enhance your entrepreneurship? Share your experiences with us in the comments section, and you can share it among your friends and colleagues.

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