How to Use Colour for Branding

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Colour is very important in attracting customers' attention. In branding, particularly, it plays a very crucial role. The image below is the branding mockup of an app we made known as Pocket Thesis. It's a good example to show how we can use graphic matching -- when colours and shapes match in composition -- to make the app seamlessly adapt to the environment. This gives the viewer a sense of ease, allowing them to relate the scene to their actual life.

Here are some quick tips on colour:

1.     Consistency is the most important factor when it comes to colour in branding. You need to make sure that icons, logos, webpages, and other company material all follow one consistent colour palette. A good example would be Apple products -- they follow same seamless flush design concept through their entire product line. 

2.     Avoid using bright, painful-to-see colours.

3.     Choose a set of neutral colours first, and from there you can start planning your designs.

4.     Finally double-check how your coloured branding material looks on the Web and on print. Sometimes colours that you see on the Web or in Photoshop may not necessarily look same on print.

Below is another example of an app with neutral color branding:

Happy designing!

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