How to Save Time in Catching Up With Your Freelancers

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Communication and employer relations are often hugely underestimated factors of successful working relationships. Here at, we created a platform that serves as a gateway for employers to find freelancers and vice-versa. Apart from that, we also have communication tools that allow building easy working relationships.

One of the most common requests of an employer to a freelancer is for work to be completed as fast as possible while ensuring high quality output. Therefore, quick and efficient communication is essential. Here are tips to save time and get the most out of your meetings with your freelancers.



Instant Messaging

The ability to chat instantly with your freelancer can save time and avoid misunderstandings when working together. The Freelancer messaging product is a fantastic and easy method of communicating with your chosen freelancer. It’s available both on desktop and on the mobile app, therefore allowing continuous engagement with your freelancer no matter where you are.

Video Calling

If you still want a faster way of communication, go for a video call. One of the best ways to save time in these calls is to send a chat message to the freelancer first, making sure the need for the call and what will be discussed are both well understood. This then allows the freelancer to prepare for the video call and have everything ready for the conversation.

Video calling also strips back a layer of mystery concerning your freelancer. You are able to get to know who you’re working with in a far greater way than ever before. Once trust, and even friendship, has been established between you and your freelancer, your working relationship can be smooth and efficient.

Video calling (or video chat) is also available on Freelancer via desktop. Selecting the option at the top right corner of the chat box opens a video chat screen for both the employer and freelancer. This is now an invaluable tool opening up even quicker communication with your worker.

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Preparation and planning of your project

Just because you, as an employer, have a full understanding of the work you require, does not mean you have been able to give a full understanding to the chosen freelancer. It seems all too simple. However, over and over again, we see employers asking for unrealistic expectations from freelancers, as in requiring huge pieces of work to be completed in a very short amount of time due to poor planning, then not explaining the work to the freelancer correctly.

When this happens, communication can then be very messy and take far longer than need be. Proper and sensible planning and preparation of your project allows far greater and effective communication. It can also then tie in with the Milestone Payment System, which is an essential method of quick and productive working relationships.

On your next catchup with your freelancer, remember the tips and tools to ensure you of faster and effective communication. Every minute is essential in completing an exemplary project. Make sure not to waste any.

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