How to Make More Money With Your Game Development Profile

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Are you a game developer who's looking to show what you're capable of doing for your potential clients? Do you want to know the secret to winning more projects? Gameplay, gameplay and gameplay. That’s the most important thing in a video game, right? Well, that’s the most important thing you can show your potential employers too!

1. Actual gameplay screenshots

People want to see what the game will look like, not just the cover design. If you call yourself an epic game designer, you need to show gameplay. Gifs are a great way to demonstrate what your game looks like and can draw your potential clients into your profile deeper. Capture a few seconds of gameplay and upload it as a video or GIF to demonstrate what you’re really capable of.

2. Multiple game sections

If you’re incapable of capturing a video upload multiple gameplay photos showing different sections of the game.

3. Character and level renders

If you also have a talent for designing character models and scenarios, that’s a big plus too. Show your creations in your portfolio. If you can only show concept art of said characters and scenarios, it’s still appreciated.

4. Demo level videos

Yes gameplay is what is important, but when was the last time you saw a game demo that had gameplay? Use an animated demo reel to show off high quality components.

5. Start Screens

If you’re only able to show a start screen or a still, describe in the description what the game is about, how the gameplay loop works and what it accomplishes. Specify what programs and languages were used for the development of the game.

The single biggest mistake that game developers make on is not showing enough gameplay - by adding this to your profile you can guarantee that you can win even more projects.


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