How to Hire a Social Media Strategist

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Have you recently launched a business? Perhaps you’ve started a personal blog and are looking to grow your online presence with an effective social media strategy? Implementing a social media strategy can help you determine the messages you will communicate to your audience, the channels that will be used and the audience you aim to target.


Hiring a social media strategist can be a great way to tailor your communications using limited or extensive social media resources. Most successful business have impactful inbound marketing strategies that holistically integrate social media and SEO techniques. These integrated strategies can be one of the best ways to generate growth for your business or blog.

Why Hire A Social Media Strategist?  

Think of your social media strategist as your brand ambassador. A social media strategist will be responsible for managing your brand’s reputation and relationships with your customers. These experts organise your day-to-day social media activities and will help you create an effective strategy for growth.


A social media strategist can help you achieve a number of key business goals and address your social media needs. Depending on these needs, a social media strategist can help with key responsibilities such as:

  • Determine and target your ideal social media audience
  • Select the best social media channels to communicate your messages via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc
  • Create a strategy for “boosted” posts and increase your shares, likes and comments 
  • Track your successful posts and create post campaign reports (ROI)
  • Address the concerns of your legal team
  • Set up a publishing calendar 
  • Tailor your social media posts to special events or campaigns
  • Gain traffic to your site or individual posts and articles 
  • Address any gaps in the market and competitor offerings
  • Integrate SEO (search engine optimisation) techniques into your social media strategy
  • Create an engagement and conversion strategy
  • Drive efforts to build positive online reviews and reputation and respond to customer feedback

What To Look For

If you’re after a social media strategist for your business or blog, it’s important to know what it is that you are looking for. Are you looking for someone that specialises in small business growth? Perhaps you prefer an expert that has worked within a specific industry or blog? Knowing exactly what and who you are after can be a great start towards finding the perfect social media strategist to suit your business or personal needs. The ideal candidate should have:


  • Strong writing, editing and storytelling skills

  • Clear communication skills

  • Experience in customer service, content marketing or sales

  • Deliberate goal setting and planning abilities

  • In-depth understanding of social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn) and when best to use them

  • An understanding of how to optimise social media posts for SEO

  • Background in content management

  • Visual and graphic design understanding

  • Ability to create, curate and organise published content (written, graphics and video)

  • Ability to monitor key metrics and track growth

  • Marketing degree would be preferred but not required

  • Maintains an understanding of SEO principles such as keyword research tools including Ahrefs and Google Analytics

  • Ability to plan for unforeseen challenges and apply conflict resolution strategies to mitigate problems


Screening your candidates for these skills can be an effective way to find the ideal social media strategist with the right expertise and experience.

Questions To Ask Your Social Media Strategist

Interviewing your candidates is important if you’re looking to invest in a long term social media strategist that is suited for your business or blog. The aim of this interview is to understand the motivations, expertise, experience and understanding of the candidates. Some questions you could ask include:


  • Which social media channels would you use to promote my business/blog? Why would you choose these over alternative channels?

  • What blogs or social media do you follow? Which of these would recommend that we read and why?

  • How would you use social media as a tool for customer service?

  • How would you measure social return on investment (ROI)?

  • When would you use Youtube to promote our brand and increase engagement?

  • How would you increase traffic to our website?

  • What are the benefits of having a LinkedIn company page?

  • Describe the most effective social media campaign that you have managed or participated in.

  • What would you say are your top three strengths?

  • Have you experienced any challenges on a social media platform? If so, explain how you overcame this challenge.


Asking a mix of technical and behavioural questions will give you more insight into how specialised and experienced these candidates are.

Where To Look

Not sure where to start? Hiring a social media strategist can significantly improve your business's growth, so it’s important that you choose a platform that will provide you with the world's best talent.


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