How to Freelance for Non-English Natives

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Back in 2008 when I was first introduced to freelancing, I could only see how challenging it was to prove myself to clients and show them how good my design work was and to achieve that I had to create an online portfolio for myself and start promoting it on social media and that worked well for me.

However, when I recently started helping young people get into freelancing, I realized how challenging it can be for those whose English isn't good enough, or let's say for those who can't use it to have a decent conversation with clients. 

I've seen how some clients put the language skill a priority even before the actual skill they're looking for due to the many bad experiences they've had with freelancers who couldn't understand what they wanted and where miscommunication lead to many failed projects and a lot of wasted time.

This lead me to make the first advice I give to newcomers to Freelancing is "be aware of the language barrier and do your best to overcome that by improving your language skills, either by taking language courses or trying to do self-learning and ongoing practice" to be more fluent and be able to understand and communicate with clients better.

And also when I created my " Freelancing in Arabic Course" I made sure to stress the importance of improving one's English skills in addition to the technical aspect of freelancing.

And needless to say that's it's also important not just for communicating with clients, but also to be able to understand the rules and regulations of the site where you do business.

I know some people would argue that they don't need English and can now use the many Arabic freelancing sites but as a good option that is they are still not advanced enough nor do they have the variety of projects and work opportunities that you can find on

So, until decides to have their Arabic section on the site, your best bet would be to improve your English Skills to be able to get more work and earn more money freelancing.

Happy Freelancing!

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