How to Do Freelance Sales and Marketing

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Sales and marketing is one of the most stable professions today, for obvious reasons. First of all, brands are competing for the same market and trying their best to outdo each other while they're at it. Second, thousands of innovative products and services are released to the market every year, and their performance depends on how well these products are marketed. That means there will always be a need for people who know how to market a product. While a constantly changing landscape has forced a number of different challenges to other professional fields, marketing is still seeing a steady growth. If you're a good communicator and have a way with people (it has nothing to do with selling ice cream to Eskimos), then you can attain financial freedom as a freelance marketer.

Choose Products Wisely

Some marketers are paid a commission on sales made. This means that there won't be a cap on your earning potential. Simply put, the more you sell, the more money you earn. Selling fast-moving products is hassle-free, and while sales and marketing are essential to any operation, these products won't require any specialist training to sell. You just need exceptional communication skills and an ability to interact and associate with virtually anyone. As a freelancer, you are free to choose products and/or services you like, as opposed to being permanently employed where you have to sell only one product regardless of how the market receives it.

freelance sales and marketing

However, in as much as you're free to sell virtually anything, don’t get excited and try to be a jack of all trades. Restrict yourself to a niche you are comfortable with—and preferably one that you're good at—but it has to be fast-selling. You can decide to focus on marketing hospitality and health products and sell weight loss products, sauna belts, or tummy trimmers if you're familiar with the market. Ultimately, your decision should be based on your passion and industry understanding.

Invest in Technology

Whether your activities are online or offline, you definitely should consider investing in the latest trends and technology. Most social media networking sites are free of charge, so go ahead and create a profile, invite friends and relatives, and build a strong online community. These can always serve as your first customers, and if your products or services are good enough and you can couple it with great customer service, then you might be surprised by the business' rate of growth. You can also design a website to showcase your stuff and work on your online reputation.

Build a Brand & Aggressively Market

freelance sales and marketing

It is not possible to make any headway in businesses without a brand. As a freelance sales and marketing specialist, you also need to translate your goals and visions into a brand that your prospective customers can relate with and appreciate. Successful marketing companies the world over make billions from other companies because they understand the products they market and their customer's needs. Identify a gap in the market and resolve to fill it. Your business is as good as non-existent if it isn't properly marketed offline and online.

Retain Your Customers and Their Interest

Ultimately, a sustainable sales and marketing plan depends on devising ways to attract new customers while retaining the interest of existing ones. Don’t just close a sale, pocket the check, and forget about the customer. Share your details; social media profiles, phone number, emails, website, name it. This way, your customer can easily contact you in the future or even refer other prospects your way. Even if it is not part of the package, think of an after-sale service or program that will make you stand out from the rest.

Marketing is demanding. To succeed, your efforts should be guided by a comprehensive marketing strategy and burning desire to excel in a crowded field. 

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