How Showcasing Your Best Projects Can Get You More Work

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Your portfolio will give employers a substantial preview of what you can do for them -- fantastic, quality projects way beyond their expectations. Apart from that, there’s one more venue where your best projects can get the spotlight: the Freelancer Showcase.


What is the Freelancer Showcase

The Freelancer Showcase is a compilation of successful projects, contests, or sample work completed by freelancers on the site. To ensure it’s a high-quality list, what’s on display are submitted showcases that the Freelancer team reviewed and employers approved.


Why You Should Showcase Your Project

Submitting your work to be on the Showcase page is another way to highlight your skills. What’s even a bigger deal is that employers can hire you directly from your showcased work if they like it.

How to Submit a Request to Showcase Your Work

1. Log in to your account

2. Click on the grid next to your profile picture thumbnail on the upper right corner of your dashboard.

3. Select Showcase.


4. Click the My Showcases tab to see your approved and pending showcases, if you have any.

5. If you haven’t submitted any of your work before, click Submit a Showcase.

6. Select your project or contest entry that received high rating and great feedback from your employer or contest holder.

7. Upload a quality image of your work.

8. Describe your showcase by choosing the type (project or contest), adding a short title and brief description about it, indicating the budget it was completed for, and selecting the appropriate category.


Showcasing your work is free so you can submit as many as you want.

This is what a showcase entry looks like:


By Natterum

Consider the Freelancer Showcase as an exhibit of excellent work done via our platform. Beyond the grid of high quality projects and contest entries, it’s another means for employers to find the right freelancers to hire. It could be your showcase that will interest them.

Don’t miss the chance to earn more work on Freelancer. Submit a showcase today.


We also showcase your work on our Instagram and Pinterest accounts. Follow us there! ;)

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