How New Users Can Increase Their Chances of Winning Projects

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A few weeks back, we rolled out Expert Guarantee, a new feature that helps freelancers win more projects.

True to its name, this new feature guarantees employers that you’re the expert they should hire for their posted projects. Expert Guarantees are refundable deposits that seal your commitment upfront.

This feature is a huge help for newly signed up freelancers who can deliver high-standard projects. If you consider yourself an expert on a project’s required skill, Expert Guarantee is a valuable tool for you.

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Previously, we talked about how Expert Guarantee works and how to create one. Let’s have a deeper look into what it can do for you.

The Expert Guarantee you will create for a project will NOT go to the employer’s account. will hold the deposited fund until it’s released back to you.

New user? You’re probably thinking how in the world can you compete with seasoned freelancers on the platform. Expert Guarantee helps improve your bid ranking. Let employers know that even if you’re just new to Freelancer, you can be the right person for the job. Just make sure you have a compelling profile and portfolio to back you up.

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As you climb up the bid list, you also increase your chances of winnings projects. Securing a more visible spot on the list leads employers to check your bid and your profile.

This feature is worth giving a try especially in times when you think you have little to no chance at being awarded. Expert Guarantee is not just beneficial for new freelancers but for longtime users too.

As a freelancer looking for serious jobs, you also have to be prudent in choosing the projects you will bid for. Exercise good judgment. Go for projects posted by employers who took the time to verify their accounts. That’s what we have in mind when we introduced the Freelancer Trust Score.

As a review, the Expert Guarantee you’ve created will be returned to your account balance on the following circumstances:

  • The project was awarded to you and you completed it
  • 24 hours have passed and you are not awarded the project
  • You retract your bid
  • Another freelancer was awarded the project and accepted it
  • The project was closed
  • The project was deleted
  • The employer revoked your award of the project


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