Get more jobs, with ZERO project fees

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We asked freelancers what the most painful part of their job is and we noticed two common themes: It’s hard to find new work and it’s a pain to manage it across a bunch of different platforms, channels and stakeholders.

Today, we empower you to change both of these things. The HireMe Program gives you the tools you need to increase your online presence and get more jobs. With ZERO project fees.

Wait, what?

From the surveys we ran, we found that our freelancers are reluctant to refer their existing employers to our platform because of the project fees. But we were determined to find a way to make your life easier and to allow you to manage all your work in one place, with world-class tools. As such, with the HireMe Program, when you refer someone that is new to, there are no project fees when you work together. Ever.

Get more jobs

You probably exchange hundreds of emails everyday. I know I do. Often this is the first channel of communication you use with your prospective employers and it is how you exchange contact information. Start leveraging that point of contact to increase visibility of your profile and to convert your leads into work.

It looks great, too.

Increase your exposure

The different widgets available in the HireMe program will fit any space. Get a button next to your social media icons on your blog, put a badge on your personal website, or sign the work that you complete on freelancer with your work signature. All to ensure you get yourself noticed and get more jobs. With ZERO project fees!

Go ahead and explore the different options of the HireMe program!

Build your HireMe Widget!

Please make sure you read the full terms and conditions of the HireMe program.

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