Freelancing Tips: Working in Public Places

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One of the best things about freelancing is being able to work anywhere you want. There are so many places where you can be just as productive as when you're working from within the confines of your own home. You just have to find what those places are for you.

Working in a public place may be an adjustment, especially when you're so used to working in an office or your desk at home. It's easy to get the hang of though, and you'll soon realize the benefits of a change of environment – a fresher mind, a break from monotony, and inspiration from different surroundings. Here's how you can be your most productive self when working in public places.


Find a space where you can actually work. Freelancers and independent workers like coffee shops because of the vibrant atmosphere these places have. The sounds of a café can be both soothing and energizing, and if you like that kind of vibe, then this place is for you.

Others like the social aspect of coworking spaces. These places function like an office, complete with computers and phones, but also allow people work together in one big space. These spaces often hold networking events, which are helpful in getting the word out about your freelance services. If you want to be part of a freelance community, coworking spaces are your best bet.

If you prefer to work alone in a quiet space though, you might want to try your local library. Or if you want to get some sun and be inspired by the great outdoors while you work on your projects, the neighborhood park may be a good place for you. You can even break up your schedule and work at home one day, and then a coffee shop the next. That's the beauty of freelancing. It all depends on what your preferences are – just make sure that you can actually work and be productive in the spaces you choose.

Pinpoint a spot that best suits your needs. When you've found a place to work away from home, the next thing you should pick is the spot where you want to set up shop. If it's a coffee shop, pick a corner where you can either work in peace, or look out the window, or watch the baristas do their thing when you encounter a lull between tasks. It's also convenient to pick a comfortable booth or table where a power outlet is available if you're using a mobile device, as well as ample lighting so you won't have problems seeing your work. These apply to other spaces too. Check for lighting, power outlets, and general comfort level so you can work without any hitches.

Make sure you have access to the Internet if you need it. You can always check if a place has WiFi before you commit to working there. You can also opt to bring your own Internet source with you when you work outside of your house. Either use your phone as a hotspot, or buy one of those pocket WiFi dongles so you won't find yourself in a pinch when you need the Web.

Remember to keep your data and belongings secure. Working in public is fun, but losing your personal stuff isn't. Don't connect to unsecure WiFi networks, and take measures so you don't give away your personal information on a public network.

As for your actual things, take only what you need. If you know that you'll only be working with your phone and laptop all day, it would make sense not to bring your camera, tablet, or other gadgets anymore. Keep everything in a bag and bring it with you whenever you leave your spot, whether you're going to the restroom or just going off to put some milk in your coffee. That way, you can rest easy knowing your things are secure.


Your work environment impacts your productivity in a major way. Public places can be great workspaces if they inspire you, keep you from being bored, and help you stay energized. Follow these simple tips, and you'll get things done.

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