First Time App Developer? Here are some tutorials for you.

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The wonderful world of Android app development can be tricky to navigate, especially when first starting out. From the beginner stages, to moderate level development all the way to advanced app developer extraordinaire--the web is full of helpful hints, step-by-step guides and of course tutorials to help you hone those skills. Here are 7 tutorials we found that represent a great place for the newbie developer to start!

Sometimes reading such tutorials can seem a bit of a task in and of itself. So don’t get overwhelmed. This is where you stop, breathe, read it again and just focus. You got this!


Getting Started on Your First Android App

First off on the list, none other than a tutorial from the king of kings, you guessed it: Google. The ‘Building Your First App‘ tutorial is the perfect tool for any novice developer. With just a small amount of programming knowledge, you can get going with this fairly easy to follow guide. And with the tips and best practices that show up at the end, you also get a comprehensive review that makes it even more understandable.

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It’s All About Videos

What’s easier than following along with a video. Often clearer and more meaningful than pages and pics, a video can really get down and dirty when it comes to the how-to’s of app development. Here is a video series for beginners that is worth its weight in gold! * video tutorials.

Ranging from 5 min videos to more extensive 15 mins spots, this series will cover just about everything you always wanted to know about early stage development, and then some.

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“Old School” Book Style Tutorials

Love to read…maybe using a book style tutorial is more your speed then. Your pages are numbered, organization is made ultra clear and you can follow along quite easily. The only problem with book style tutorials in pdf or whatever form, is that they can go out of date much more quickly than a site or video tutorial. Just be careful to make sure the info is still relevant to what you are looking to do.


Game Development Tutorials

Want to create games? If you have basic knowledge of development and want to venture into the exciting world of gaming, here is the tutorial for you. This series of video tutorials offers you a unique and relevant foundation to all things involved with Android app game development. However, my advice is to first learn the basics of Android app development—it will make this journey a great deal easier.


Moving Beyond the Basics…

Once you’ve mastered the basics—and the first few links in this article will definitely help—then you may want to think about expanding your developer horizons. Well, there are tutorials for that as well. Pretty much whatever stage of Android app development you’re in, there is a more-than-helpful guide that you can access.  

Here for instance, is one such tutorial that presents an impressive range of details on the subject. Illustrating the difference between iOS and Android development techniques, this tutorial can actually help you shift from one to the other


What About Android Studio?

While some may not necessarily think this a good place to start, using the Android Studio to create apps can be an easy and newbie-friendly way to break into the business. It offers quite a bit and can help you improve things such as your app’s functionality and appearance. And here is a  tutorial about Android Studio to get you started.

This may require prior knowledge of Android development in order for you to maximize the value of this particular tutorial.


Do You Need to Localize?

Apps are worldwide, right? Everyone’s got them and everyone would like to be able to access them in their own language. You therefore really should think about localizing your apps for a wide range of audiences.

Not sure how to do this…no problem, there’s a tutorial for that too! Never fear, this tutorial will walk you through it, thus making your Android app far more relevant and globally accessible than you ever thought possible.

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Your Android Library

After awhile, reinventing and recreating the same code time after time after time…you get the picture, can become very tedious. This is where you want to reap the rewards of reusable code. Here is a great  tutorial to show you how to compile and share a library of source code.

Highly detailed, this is great for illustrating exactly how to get started with Android Library Projects.


Maybe you won’t become an overnight ace developer, but with these tutorials you certainly have a great base for getting started as well as expanding your current skillset. If we missed any great tutorials, let us know in the comments below!


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