Too many people these days claim to have the best “ must have” information to market your product, or products on the Internet, that only waste your time, money and effort, leaving you hollow and empty, ready to give up on the Internet, pack your bags and leave the town. 

So you ask, how do you know who’s telling the truth about what’s good, and what’s not, and who is just leading you down the garden path, taking YOUR money all the way to THEIR bank. 

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With today’s Internet moving so fast, “newbies” and even experts are finding it harder and harder to get the info they need to help them get to where they want to be..... On a beach, knocking back chichi’s, watching all the sights, while listening to the sweet sound of “You've got mail” resounding from their computer, informing them that they just made another sale. 

It almost seems impossible today, and the “norm” seems to be that you spend hours and hours getting “lost” on the net, overwhelmed by the amount of info, confused by empty promises, and conned by the best of them. It seems like the Internet is just a huge money pit.... especially if you don’t know what you are doing. 

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If you don’t know what the “experts” know, or, even worse yet, how to find the “right ones,” you are DOOMED to Internet Hell!!! After all, who do you know that has 50,000 close friends that are going to immediately buy your products, just because you have a webpage! 

So what is a person to do?? Where do you go to find the “guru” you are looking for, that will help you through the maze, making sense of it all, without leaving you high and dry, and giving you just enough to line their pockets, and not get themselves sued. 

News media can make it sound like a fairy tale, easy as “hot apple pie” to achieve. They feature some celebrity who has a “line of something,” that they are selling “millions of” on their “new” website, and making millions of dollars within a few short months.....and they didn’t lift a finger! 

Well for starters, you can see that if you don’t have the kind of cash, it takes to hire a team of Internet experts to set up, run, and advertise your website for you. Nor can you just lay back and think that just because you have a web page, that people are going to rush to “buy” what you have, just because you worked your tail off advertising for weeks and weeks on end, spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars. It just doesn’t work like that!!!

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If you do it the right way, with the right people, it can work, and work well.

So, you ask, does the “newbie” throw in the towel, hop in the car, leave town, and the business to the “experts” that know what they are doing! 

Of course not!!! 

There are ways to get the help you need, and not be scammed.

There are thousands of people out there that are very successful on the net and are excited by, and more than willing to share their expertise with you so you can also succeed, because, in part, YOUR success is their success.

So relax, enjoy, and have fun being successful on the Internet.

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Agatha GMaiti

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