Fighting Procrastination: 3 Tips to a More Productive You

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Procrastination /prəˌkrastəˈnāSH(ə)n/:
to be slow or late about doing something that should be done : to delay doing something until a later time because you do not want to do it, because you are lazy, etc. [Merriam-Webster]

Successful people have one thing in common: Tenacity. They work countless hours to earn more, learn more, and grow more. Instead of spending their time doing unproductive things, they make use of every single second wisely.

Do you think you’re successful? Do you take charge of your time and spend it in the most productive ways possible? If so, then good job! Keep it up and soon enough, you’ll be able to reap what you’ve sown. But if your answer was no, then you’ve come to the right place.

Fighting procrastination is such a difficult task to do nowadays, especially with the rise of social media. Sometimes, you’re just dying to click on that notification button, or reply to the message sent to you on Messenger.  


To maximize your potential, you must learn to make the most of your time. Since today, September 6, is Fight Procrastination Day, we’re sharing with you three tips to combat procrastination:

1. Know where to go -- list down your goals

Listing down goals will help you gauge and understand your current tasks. It also allows you to plan more efficiently. When there is a concrete plan, a systematic course of action can now be made. Once you have an idea of how to manage your workload, you’ll get to finish your tasks in an organized and timely manner.

Your goals should be measurable. They should be deemed either short-term or long-term. This way, you are able to prioritize which tasks should be done immediately. Prioritizing your goals is very important because not all tasks have the same gravity. Some may be of utmost importance, while some need less attention.

2. Does it seem too difficult? Break it down.

The next thing to do is to break down your project into simpler tasks that can be easily measured. When a task is too big and complex, we tend to get overwhelmed. Thus, we shy away from it or be intimidated by it. However, when tasks seem easier to get done, you do them more quickly. The faster you complete the job, the faster check them off of your to-do list.

Let’s say you’re a freelancer who has a translation project to do. It’s a 30-page manuscript with 10,000+ words. The task seems so daunting. You feel so helpless because it looks like it will take forever to finish the project.

Instead of concentrating on the 30 pages and the 10,000+ words, try focusing on getting a few pages done first. Maybe set your goal to finishing five pages, then and go visit Facebook or any of your favorite sites. Spend 10 to 15 minutes browsing, then get back to work. Do this repeatedly until you finish the whole project.

Now that you’ve gotten a hang of getting work done promptly and efficiently, you are now able to bid and work on more jobs than you thought you could.

With determination and perseverance, you will be able to accomplish your projects on time and in very good fashion. Having at least three projects rated with 5 stars for three months is one of the requirements to become part of the Preferred Freelancer Program. You might want to be a member of the elite team of freelancers soon!

3. Once the job is done, reward yourself

After working countless hours on projects, you must always remember that your hard work deserves to be rewarded. Go out, get some fresh air, and grab yourself your favorite dessert. By doing so, you keep yourself motivated. When you’re motivated, you disregard the difficulties of a project and you focus on the finish line. You keep working because you want to get it over with as soon as you can.

One good practice is to always have something motivating you, whether it be a reward or a personal agenda. Having such would keep you focused and in control of the situation. Once you lose sight of what your end goals are, you become easily distracted.

Keep in mind though, that this is a reward and that you can only treat yourself once you’ve finished the whole task. Work hard, play hard.


This article was definitely not written the day before publishing.


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