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Today’s featured freelancer is Lorena Bastos, a writer from Araxa, Brazil. We had a quick chat with her about what it’s like working at Freelancer.com, and here’s what she had to say.

Hi Lorena! How did you get into writing?
My dream is to make my big move to Canada and start anew. When I decided to become a professional writer, I did not realize how hard it would be. I’m twenty years old and I took this path three months ago. I live in a small town named Araxa and it’s located in the up-country of Brazil.

I had just dropped out of the university due financial limitations, and I was back to starting from scratch. I started working in a supermarket, but it turns out I wasn’t cut out for it, so I left. The same happened to the law firm that hired me after that. I guess I was just not cut out for corporate work.

How did you hear about Freelancer.com?
Hopeful, I started looking for jobs in newspaper ads in Araxa. Everyone in the industry was determined to take me down and tell me that “A writer’s life is difficult. You should give up.” But I couldn’t, so I didn’t. I’ve had opportunities to dabble in writing, though I didn’t give much thought about turning it into a career. Thanks to online marketplaces, things turned out for the better and now I have been able to pursue my dream through writing.

That’s when I found Freelancer. I stayed up all night long chasing online work, and when I was about to give up, I found Freelancer through Facebook and got curious. I entered the website and made my profile. At first I thought it was going to be difficult with the stiff competition for projects, but was I surprised when I found out working online was actually not at all that bad.

You have only been on Freelancer.com for a few months, but is there a memorable project that you can share with us? What made it particularly stand out? What was the result?
The first project I landed on the website was the most important one for me. It was going to be the start of my many firsts in online freelancing. It was my first big leap into where I am now. The project asked to create an article about a social and environmental project whose objective was to help Amazonians. After much research and motivation to boot, my employer reviewed my work and found it satisfying. You can just imagine my excitement hearing that for my first job!

Which features on Freelancer.com did you find useful?
In my opinion, the most useful feature on Freelancer is the reputation system, which allows the users to find out how qualified the employers and employees are.

In what way did Freelancer.com help you achieve your goals?
Freelancer is helping me achieve my dreams by allowing me to save money to immigrate. It also gave me the chance to earn lots of work experience and increase my reputation, as well as build my network of clients. Now I can dream even higher and fulfill my dreams of becoming a famous author someday.

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