Excel and VBA Specialist Banks on High Ratings to Get More Projects

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Galih Aditya Prameswara, from Indonesia, is a full-time freelancer. Some of his expertise include Microsoft Excel and Visual Basics for Applications (VBA). Galih’s work is of complex nature and is something not everyone is capable of doing -- this is why many employers all over the world hire him.

One of Galih’s selling points is his highly satisfactory completion rating. He has an impeccable score of 99%. Also, his average freelancer rating is 9.8/10. His efforts in delivering projects on time have been recognized by his employers. Galih’s excellence in work quality and in communication have also been commended. He is also hired because of his laudable work ethic.

Life as a Freelancer

For Galih, there are three main advantages of being a freelancer:

  1. You are allowed to choose what you want to do. If you are passionate about something, then you can go for it. You can choose from an array of projects in different fields where you can use the skills you have.

  2. When working as a freelancer, you are able to be with your loved ones in the greatest moments of their lives. You know how time for family is invaluable. Having flexible work hours, you won’t miss your child’s birthday, nor your wedding anniversary.

  3. You are not constrained within the four walls you call an office. Working as a freelancer allows you to work wherever you are! You can work at home, at the mall, while waiting for your child at school, or even at a friend’s place. Having this freedom makes you feel good about your work environment. You can even go on vacation, and travel while working.

“I had a customer from Dubai that had a complex project. We discussed the project details, then I declined because I felt it was too difficult. However, he pushed me to work on their project and he assured me that he trusted my skills. So, I went through with it. To my surprise, I was able to complete the project and received a 5-star rating,” said Galih.

Galih was once new to freelancing. If he made it to the top, he must have done something right. “For beginner with a low rating, please take note of this: seek ratings/reviews first. Don’t seek for the money immediately. If you have enough ratings, you will get jobs easily. It worked for me. Try it out, " he mentioned.

The most useful feature, according to Galih, is the Milestone Payment™ System. Freelancers don’t have to worry about getting paid for the work they’ve done. That’s one thing that makes Galih feel secure when transacting on the Freelancer website.

Joining Scavenger Hunt 2016

Another thing Galih enjoys on Freelancer.com is the Internet Scavenger Hunt. More than a hundred challenges were presented to each team that joined this year. The team that had good execution of the tasks and earned the highest scores won the prizes. A total of 11,280 teams joined the competition and Galih’s team was one of them. 

Galih was part of “The Asgardians”. They were one of the fiercest teams in the whole competition. The team garnered the top spot for the official cheer dance routine challenge, and won $500 USD.

“It was a fun contest and I enjoyed it. When I was shooting a video for one of our entries, my son kept crying. Maybe because he thought his dad was going crazy. I found that amusing! That was my first time to do crazy things in front of my child,” Galih said.

What I Want, When I Want

Thanks to Freelancer.com and the flexibility he enjoys as a freelancer, Galih has time to spend with his family. During his spare time, he enjoys playing with his son, and helps his wife bake pastries on weekends.

Choosing to be a freelancer has given Galih so many opportunities. Being a part of Freelancer.com community can open a lot of doors for you, just as how Galih experienced it. Sign up and see how it can also change your life.

Need your Microsoft Excel files to be in tip-top shape? Hire Galih today!

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