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From forceps, periodontal probes and curettes to dice, cards, and boards: a typical day for California, USA local Ben Cope. During the day, he works full-time as a dentist, and once he’s out of the office, he turns his attention to one of the things he loves most -- board games.

“I've always loved board games. Growing up, I played Risk, Monopoly, and other old-school ones. Once Settlers of Catan came out, I got hooked onto the more recently released board games, and non-mainstream ones as well,” said Ben.

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One day, Ben had a eureka moment and thought of creating his own board game. With all the games he’s played throughout the years, he had some ideas on what made a good one. He began by conceptualizing its gameplay and structure.

Ben’s board game revolved around three things: dice-rolling, card-collecting, and player deception. Card-collecting, being one of the game’s main features, required intensive design skills, which wasn’t a forte of Ben. He turned to the Internet for a graphic designer since he wasn’t acquainted with one. Aside from that, he also loved the idea of having to choose from a wide-array of portfolios online.

While researching for a designer, Ben came across “I had no idea of what to expect, as I had never used such a site before. Much to my delight, it was so easy! I typed in some information about my project, and I saw many different graphic designers’ profiles,” he said.

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Giedrius, an Irish freelance illustrator who specializes in complex character design, caught Ben’s attention. “It was super detailed, creative and just what I wanted. I wanted people on crowdfunding sites to stop and look at my game just like I had stopped to look at Giedrius' portfolio,” added Ben.

After reaching out to Giedrius and agreeing on a price (US$550), they got down to the nitty-gritty.

“I had a certain design in mind: a hand-painted look instead of clip art style. I expected Giedrius to take my ideas and improve upon them. Based on his profile, his attention to detail was exquisite and his imagination was exceptional.”

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Two weeks later, Giedrius turned over the files.

“The art he produced for me blew my mind. He took my rough ideas and turned them into gold. I would hire him again in a heartbeat for future projects. Giedrius kept me in the know every step of the way. He was fast, courteous, and super talented. I gave him creative liberties and he exceeded every expectation.”

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After several weeks of thorough communication, Ben’s project was finally complete. He plans on releasing the game in a couple of months after he receives some feedback from board game reviewers.

In need of a fresh new look for that project of yours? Hire the perfect designer -- only on Freelancer.

“ has been awesome in putting me in contact with such top talent.” -Benjamin Cope

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