Improving Business Processes With Freelancer-Made Manual

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Damien Johnston, 32-year-old Australian, works full-time as a software developer. During his spare time, he earns extra by managing several company websites, and these earnings are put into supporting his wife and three kids. Aside from the additional income, he works on the side to keep his skills on point. He finds satisfaction in maximizing his time by improving his skills, whether or not it be connected to software development.


One of his clients, Mount Compass Golf Course (MCGC), a golfer’s club and restaurant, requested for a manual on the how to update their website’s content. Since they held regular events, they needed instructions on how to log in and edit sections of the site like the Upcoming Events page. The guide should also show how to upload PDF files of their weekly golf competitions.

A Helping Hand

Damien turned to to hire someone who’d write the manual. He was already familiar with the platform since he previously worked with online freelancers who altered YouTube thumbnails and created complex WordPress functions. Hiring on Freelancer gave him the quality of work he wanted done in a short span of time.

He allotted AU$60 for the 5-10 page manual about adding content onto the MCGC website. The precision and clarity of the manual were the most important aspects. Hiring a writing specialist was a must because Damien had to keep MCGC happy with his work.

Damien hired Basit Hasmi, a Pakistani copywriter, because of his impressive writing expertise and experience. Basit boasted a 4.9 rating and 306 reviews from previous employers. Aside from copywriting, he also offered editing and proofreading.

After going through the website and learning about its processes, Basit submitted a very detailed and straightforward manual. Damien was more than pleased with the outcome. He paid Basit and added a 10 percent bonus.

“The communication between us was very clear and concise. Basit provided me with excellent quality work. He understood the requirements for the job and was very friendly. Plus, he delivered the project on time. I will surely hire again," said Damien.

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Freelancer’s iOS app allowed Damien to manage his project on the go. With the app’s messaging feature, Damien got to read and reply to Basit’s chats right away. Therefore, he was able to work on the websites of his other clients as well.

A Job Well Done

Damien sent the manual over to MCGC and they were very satisfied with the end product. Its value was undermined by its simplicity. The manual was an important tool for both Damien and for the management team at MCGC. Without it, updating the website wouldn’t have been a walk in the park. Results of the golf tournaments would have often been sent to Damien for uploading. Instead of the website being updated real-time, it would have required a couple more days since Damien managed other sites too.

“My Freelancer project allowed me to quickly and easily meet a client’s request. Its efficiency made things easier on both my end and on MCGC’s end,” shared Damien.

A more efficient business process came out of the manual project. MCGC can now work independently on their weekly uploading of tournament results and updating of their webpage, thus giving Damien more time to focus on other income-generating projects.

MCGC’s satisfaction was Damien’s utmost priority. With’s vast pool of exceptional freelancers, he need not work alone in achieving his goal.

Do you need a helping hand for your business? Hire a freelancer for other aspects of your business projects.

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