Choosing the Right Freelance Jobs for You

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When you're a freelancer, it's so easy to take all the jobs you can find. You want to earn as much as you can, of course, and you want to keep the momentum going as well. However, it is actually quite prudent to be discerning with the jobs that you take on. Jobs and people need to fit together like puzzle pieces, and not all jobs will be a good fit for you.

Choosing the right jobs for you will help you avoid dissatisfied clients and incomplete projects in the long run. Knowing which jobs your skill set and work experience fit into can be one of the keys to a long and satisfying freelance career. Here are some things you need to consider before you bid on a job listing or say yes to a work offer.

Do you have the skills, talent, experience, or knowledge to do the project?

This is a big one. You need to be sure that you can do a job before you sign up for it. If you're an expert in software engineering for instance, you'll need to think twice about applying to or accepting a writing gig. If the job requires coding know-how or you happen to keep a blog, then it's perfect for you. If you don't have any interest in writing though, you need to think twice about it.

Does it fall within your price range?

As a freelancer, you should already have a set range when it comes to your rates. It can be tempting to go for many low-paying jobs, but you must take note of your financial needs. Be wary – even if you take on as many jobs as you can, if they have low pay rates, you may still end up falling short of your target financial goal. Not taking too many low-paying jobs may free up your time for ones with more competitive rates as well.

Of course, if you're a student or you're new to freelancing, low-paying jobs can help your freelancing career take off. You can use them to build up your portfolio, or as ways to get extra income. Your price range is totally dependent on your needs and situation. Just keep it in mind whenever you're considering a job.

Does the schedule or location work for you?

Make sure you check all the details of the job you're targeting before deciding it's for you. Check the schedule and the location. Does the client need you to be online at night and would you be willing to work the odd hours for the job? Or is it a local job, and are you eligible for it? These are important things to think about.

Do you understand what the job requires?

Last but not the least, you need to ensure that you fully understand what the project is about. What kind of work is required? What do you need to submit? When is the deadline?

If you're on the fence about a job, ask yourself these questions first. Don't commit blindly to a job offer, and look before you leap into the bidding pool. You'll eventually find the right jobs for you.

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