Chat on Contests: A Quick Way to Get Better Contest Results

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Chat is now available on Freelancer Contests! We’re bringing you this exciting development so you can talk to the freelancers who participate in your contest in real time. Get better result from your contest faster. Through chat, you can relay your instructions and feedback quicker. Rating also becomes easier when you see the modified entries all at the same time.

When you’re running a contest and you want specific changes on certain entries, all you need to do is ask for revisions. You can discuss the modifications you want by leaving comments on the submissions, or you can try the faster route -- chatting directly with the freelancers who submitted the entries.

You know what else this messaging for Contests can do for you? Having the chance for real time chat, you’ll be able to build relationships with the freelancers who join your contest. Most of the time, you’ll know instantly if you’ve found a match -- if that person you’re talking to is someone you’d want to work with on a future project.

How to Start Chat with Your Contest Participants

Open the entry you want to be revised. To begin chat, click on the Chat button beside the entrant’s username. Only the contest holder can initiate chat.



You can also attach files straight from the chat box. In the chat window, the contest title is displayed below the username of the participant. When clicked, the contest view page will open. When the contest ends, the freelancer you chatted with will automatically be added to your contact list.

With Freelancer Contests, you get to crowdsource your idea and create connections with exceptional talents from our community. Post a contest and try this new messaging feature today.

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