Why You Should Use Videos in Content Marketing

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Using videos for content marketing purposes has become a popular thing to do for a lot of businesses these days. The major reason for its growing popularity?  Videos offer plenty of benefits to marketers that use them to attract customers.

So, why should you use videos when marketing your business brand? What exactly can you achieve with videos that you can't with any other marketing platform?

1.     Clear transmission of large amounts of information

Unlike other forms of content marketing, videos can transmit information using sound, text, and moving images. That enables you to use a three-fold approach for communicating. For that reason, even the most complex of information can be easily broken down.

Since videos make it easy for the audience to understand the message, they make the business brand and products you advertise even more memorable. The viewers would then be more likely to remember your products the next time they go shopping, especially if your videos provided them with a positive experience.

2.     Large viewership

Videos on YouTube have a viewership of over 10 billion each month. Over 70% of Internet users watch at least one video a week. Based on those numbers, it is easy to see why videos can be an effective way to expand your reach.

It also helps that videos are more likely to be shared compared to any other communication medium. Videos provide you and your brand with a higher chance of reaching a global audience.

Once your business achieves global success, your sales and revenues will follow suit. Laughing all the way to the bank will be your new reality and not just a dream.

3.     Increased visibility

Search engines usually lean on the side of relevance. For that reason, videos will be highly favored whenever Internet users search for relevant information based on particular keywords.

Because your business success depends largely on search engine results, you cannot afford to ignore search engines. Videos are the best way to get to the top of the first page ranking of search engine results. When that happens, your business will become more visible, which can, in turn, provide increase traffic to your site. More traffic usually translates to higher sales and revenues.

4.     Mobile compatibility

Videos are very mobile-friendly. Internet users can easily access them via their mobile tablets, laptops, and smartphones. Since the global market is trending towards mobile use, the use of videos will help you reach most of your target audience.

5.     High conversion rates

It can be much easier for you to persuade potential customers via a video than with any other means of communication. This is possible because you can use it to communicate even complex information via audio, text, and images.

It also helps your cause if your videos are entertaining, educational, and even inspiring. People are more likely to buy a product after viewing a marketing video because they tend to trust what they see and hear more. Think of the potential!

6.     Advanced analytic tools available

Video hosting sites employ advanced video tracking and analytic tools. These are meant to help businesses like yours get actionable information based on your viewers’ behaviors and use patterns. You can use these tools to gain insight into buyer trends. By doing so, you can tweak your content marketing strategies to enhance sales and revenues.

Your competition is already using videos to advertise products directly and subtly. Why shouldn’t you do the same? Don't be left behind as your competitors harness the power of video marketing to enhance their sales and revenues.

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