9 Keyboard Shortcuts To Help You Write And Edit With Ease

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Keyboard shortcuts allow you do things on your computer that otherwise require a trackpad, mouse, or other input device. Shortcuts allow you to execute core and basic operations much quicker.

When using a Mac or Windows operating system, you hold down the modifier keys then hit a particular key for the shortcut you want. Modifier keys have major functions and work with other keys for particular uses, such as implementing shortcuts. Modifier keys for Mac include Command, and Option. For windows; the Control and Alt keys.

Here are nine keyboard shortcuts to ease your writing and editing. Put your fingers to work so you don’t have to slow down and break your flow.

Text Selection

To edit as fast as possible, keyboard shortcuts or commands are much quicker than using the trackpad or mouse. Once you select text, copying, or cutting to paste somewhere else is an easy move.

For keyboard shortcuts, we shall adopt the "-" to make our writing shorter and less wordy. The (-) simply shows you have to press the next key for the desired result.

Selecting Text on Mac and Windows

Place the cursor on the side of the text you want to select, then use the arrow keys.

Shift key - left Arrow key (- Down or Up Arrow key to highlight a larger area of the text)

Shift key - Right Arrow key

You can keep tapping, or hold the Arrow key down to make your selection. Pressing down will move fast, and may select more text than expected. Using the navigation keys can be more precise for selecting a specific area of text.

Copying Text

To replicate text so you can put it somewhere else, you need to copy and paste. All you need do is to select, copy, and paste it to a new location.

This is how it works:

On Mac:

Command (?) - C

On PC:

Ctrl - C

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Text Cut

You may need to cut some portions of the text, or completely delete something you no longer need.

Use Backspace, or Delete to remove text. Cutting text gives you the option to paste it in a different location if necessary.

To cut on Mac:

Command (?) - X

To cut on PC:

 Ctrl - X

To Paste Text

When text is selected, cut or copied, here is what you need to do to execute a paste command.

On Mac:

Command (?) - V

On PC:

Ctrl - V

To Find a Phrase or Word

Whenever you proofread your document or choose to read it aloud, you’ll come across words you have overused. You will also spot spelling errors, or find problems with structure at this point.

To find an exact phrase or word in your draft, use the “Find” function to open up a search window. The word or phrase you typed will appear as a list, with the number of times it is found in the draft. The keyboard shortcut you need is

On Mac:

Command (?) - F

On PC:

Ctrl - F

New Document

Creating a new document is much faster with this shortcut. Using it on a browser brings up a new window, while a new word document is created on word editors.

On Mac:

Command (?) - N

On PC:

Ctrl - N

Save Document

Saving a document is important when writing and editing documents. To save as you work, try this:

On Mac:

Command (?) - S

On PC:

Ctrl - S

Printing a Document

Pressing only a few buttons can print your document straight away.

The shortcut brings up a print window which allows you to choose the settings you want for your printer. It also works with browsers for printing documents.

On Mac:

Command (?) - P

On PC:

Ctrl - P

Quitting an Application

When you have finished a particular task and need to close the window, you can use a shortcut for maximum ease. It also works in a browser to quit and close the application in use. To be sure which application will be closed, check the active tab at the top of the window before going ahead with the command.

On Mac:

Command (?) - Q

On PC:

Alt - F4

In some instances, it is either:

Ctrl - W, or C - Q

This will close the active window in use.

Using these shortcuts every day will make them become second nature, and you will execute them without thinking. Keyboard shortcuts make using computers easier and faster when writing, or during any other work.

Have you got a keyboard shortcut you can’t do without in your editing and writing? You can share it in the comment box down below.

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