5 Tips To Land Web Design Jobs on Freelancer.com

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Freelance Web designers and programmers are among the highest paid experts online, mostly because of the high demand for Web design services and the technical nature of the job. With millions of registered users on freelance sites like Freelancer.com, landing a Web design project calls for much more than design expertise. Below are five important tips that freelance Web designers can use to beat the competition and boost their chances of landing projects.

1. Have a Rich Portfolio

A Web designer without a portfolio is like a police officer without a gun. It doesn’t matter how flowery your proposal is. If you cannot show what you have done before, then no client will be willing to listen to you. Some designers have stretched the requirement for portfolios a bit far, and ended up using other people’s work. Please don’t be like them. Even if your own work doesn’t look as appealing, be proud of your efforts and work hard to improve. Including the work of somebody else in your portfolio is not only unethical – you could also be denied payment for the work if the quality is not as good as the samples on your portfolio, or result in horrible feedback.

2. Customize Your Proposal

It must be stressed that there are many registered Web designers. You therefore have to be unique if you want to catch the eye of the employer. Take time to craft an attention-grabbing proposal complete with your qualifications and experience plus links to previous work or portfolio. Avoid generic template proposals because they might not apply to all types of Web design. If a client needs an eCommerce website design, your proposal should tackle the subject matter and not something like real estate Web design. Yes, it is tedious, but you don’t have to write everything from scratch. You can just tweak a generic proposal to fit the project at hand.

3. Strategic Pricing

Price is an important part of your proposal. You should expect to compete against hundreds of other freelancers for good projects, but the quality of the service that you provide and the cost attached to it can make you stand out. Unless the project is marked “sealed” where bids are hidden, finding out how much your competitors bid is easy. Go through the bids, find out where you are ranked (Freelancer.com ranks bids) and fix a price. However, don’t be tempted to bid lower just because you are itching to win the project. Most clients actually don’t mind paying more for quality services. It won't hurt to explain how you reached the number.

4. Follow Up

Even though you are no longer allowed to message a client about a project you have bid on before they do, you can always update your bid as many times as you want, as long as the project is still open. If after hours or a number of days the client hasn’t awarded the project, feel free to remind him or her by reiterating your interest. You can share more designs and links to your portfolio for further perusal and consideration by the employer.

5. Offer Other Services

The best Web designers and Web developers offer additional services like Web content, search engine optimization, Internet marketing, Web hosting, and social media account management, among others. It is advisable that you explain what you can offer on top of the design services.  You might be able to justify why you should be paid more, like if you promise your client a Web design that comes loaded with content.

Winning bids on Freelancer.com for newbie Web designers can be a challenge, but it all depends on how you package your profile, portfolio and proposal. Keep these tips in mind to boost your chances of landing more Web design projects.


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