3D Gives Businesses a Boost

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These days, 2D just isn’t enough. You don’t have to look any further than your local cinema. Movies now most likely have a bunch of computer-generated imagery to execute some edge-of-your-seat action sequences and even characters from out of this world. And the audience just digs it.

This wanting for realism in a 3D medium is not limited to movies. 3D, more specifically 3D modeling, is used in engineering, game development, commercial advertising, architecture, and many more. Computer-generated 3D models are often displayed as 2D images via a process called 3D rendering, which results in photorealistic versions of an object, and can be physically brought to life through 3D printing.

There are several advantages in using 3D for business. It can help you:

  • Identify production flaws. By producing a prototype, you will see where the design errors are and quickly address them. Prototyping each iteration can minimize unnecessary costs and save construction time.
  • Better communicate with your clients. Clients have expectations and when these are not met, misunderstandings that affect the project will ensue. That is often the problem behind, say, architectural plans where many details are left out from the line drawings. By showing your client a photorealistic version, he gains a better appreciation of the structure and can better express his wants or his vision for his desired home.
  • Gain competitive advantage. When it comes to production, 3D printing is your best bet in hastening your time to market. Whereas before a prototype can take days to produce, now it takes just a matter of hours. This is particularly useful in product launches. Customers love to see, touch, play with physical models and by showing a prototype you get immediate feedback. Prototypes are also instrumental in winning bids or gaining approval to proceed with final production. For real estate developers, showing a 3D render to prospective buyers increases the marketability of the proposed structure.
  • Lower manufacturing costs. Huge companies, such as Converse and Alessi, have been able to save up to 70% in production costs by replacing some of its traditional manufacturing methods with 3D printing. The decline in cost was due to the reduction in shipping and packaging costs related to parts acquisition from overseas suppliers, less human resource involvement, and cheaper but more reliable raw materials.

There is a common perception that only big, commercial corporations can avail of 3D services due to the investment involved in acquiring sophisticated software and/or equipment. But, small and medium-scale enterprises also stand to benefit and it won’t create a big dent in their budget. The solution: Freelancer.com, the world’s largest crowdsourcing and outsourcing marketplace.

Just search the site for 3D design, 3D modeling, 3D rendering, and you’ll come up with a list of freelancers who are experts in the field. To help you find the perfect partner for the job, be clear and specific in your project brief. Describe your project in detail. Provide supporting documents and sample inspiration pieces so that they can get a clear idea of what you are trying to achieve. Be clear about deadlines and set up a timetable so that you could check on the progress of the job at hand, especially if it would take several days to do.

On Freelancer, you are guaranteed to reap the savings and at the same time get quality output. Richard Delorme, a tabletop wargaming aficionado, created a new miniature line for the Hive Queen and Country universe and paid US$2,500 for 25 3D designs of highly detailed alien bugs that will be 3D printed and used as prototypes to gain funding for the game. Brandon Braswell converted 2D sketches of his 10 “9 to 5 Warriors” cartoon characters to 3D models for only US$555, which is such a huge savings compared to the US$2,400 quote by a local for one character only. “I had been contacting a lot of independent 3D studios and toy production companies. Every time I sent them the exact same photos and exact same work description I was always given an extremely high estimate and usually less than ‘personal’ response,” he says. “With Freelancer.com, I had quotes within my budget flying in and more importantly, people generally interested in working on the project and eager to learn more.”

Still another, Edgar Khachatryan spent less than 5% of the US$2,500 local quote on a 3D photo of his dream house. The local quote he received was only for the façade, but the amount he paid on Freelancer.com included even a 3D animation of the entire house. “I was absolutely blown away,” he says, “both by the vast amount of services and choice of freelancers on Freelancer.com and the superb quality which I didn’t expect.”

Whether you are a large corporation looking at cost savings or a small and medium enterprise on the hunt for an affordable 3D service provider, Freelancer.com is the right business partner for you.

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