The 14 Trends That Influenced Your Internet Marketing Strategy In 2017

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Mary Meeker’s report on internet trends has received many views since its release on 31st May this year. You have probably seen it too. But if you haven’t read it yet, this article is a call for you to give it a go. We will give a comprehensive overview of the impact of these trends on marketers in regards to 2017 internet marketing strategies.

Internet marketing is dynamic. To ensure continued results, marketers are required to keep updating themselves to match with the recent trends.

1st Trend: A Slackened Growth of Global Internet and an Increase in Smartphone Usage

Going by the rate of mobile growth for years, this was bound to happen. In her report, Mary Meeker kicks off with a summary of the emerging trends as shown below:

  1. Internet users (globally) = 3.4B Flat growth +10% vs. 10% Y/Y+8% vs. 8% Y/Y (ex. India)
  2. Smartphone shipments (Globally) = slowing +3% vs.+10%Y/Y
  3. Smartphone Installed Base = Slowing + 12% vs. +25% Y/Y

The report shows that while the dominance of Android increased notably in 2016, the shipping of smartphones reduced significantly. This explains that many people opted to buy Android as opposed to smartphones.

What are the implications of this in digital marketing? It means marketers can predict the possible sales (Android in this case), which they can target through internet marketing.

2nd Trend: Progressive Growth of the Facebook/Google Ad Duopoly

Many published updates regarding 2017 internet marketing trends have highlighted the importance of the Google/Facebook ad duopoly. Though this only looks at examples from the US, Meeker’s report takes note of the development of Google and Facebook advertising when compared to other platforms. The revenue from Facebook Ads has grown remarkably in the recent past.

What does this trend mean for an internet marketer in 2017? That you ought to be using these paid platforms, or have plans to do so underway.

3rd Trend: Continued Growth in Ad Blocking

Not long ago, Google announced it would include an Adblocker in Chrome. Ad blockers allow internet users to prevent adverts from displaying on an internet page they are viewing.

For Internet marketers, this is not appealing news. Google’s Adblocker not only blocks its own ads, but also acts as a limit to low-quality adverts. Meeker’s report indicates the number of people using Adblocking software on desktop and mobile is fast increasing.

Does the continued rise in Ad blocking have an impact on internet marketing? Yes, it does. A reduced click-through on an ad you have placed means a reduced audience. How can digital marketers deal with this global internet trend? They need to learn the importance of marketing through content. Email marketing is another means of digital marketing.

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4th Trend: An Increase in Voice Input

You probably have heard or experienced the Echo feature on Amazon. The installation of this echo device has been on the rise since its development, with a notable advancement on usage from 2015 to now.

An interesting observation on voice input is that almost 70% of requests placed on Google’s assistant are natural conversations. This is an indication that the number of people relying on using voice input is on the rise.

What does this mean for internet marketers? That they should be considering ways and methods of attending to their users’ concerns by means of Google voice provisions.

5th Trend: Customer Support

According to the report, the customer support trend reflects on the current necessity for improved options on digital customer support avenues. If given an opportunity to choose two things that institutions and organizations should improve on relating to customer service, many people recommend easier access to digital support avenues, followed by quick responses from relevant agents.

So, what is the way forward for 2017 digital marketers? It is advisable to adopt the use of instant internet messaging apps, such as Facebook messenger.

To complement the use of instant messaging Apps, marketers should also consider outsourcing dialogue solutions from the relevant mobile app development companies.

6th Trend: Retail Innovation

In her report, Meeker has stated many examples of retailers who, after adopting the latest innovation trends, have experienced high growth rate. You can get these details from her full report.

7th Trend: Music and Streaming Online Videos

The days are gone when the only online platforms that could support videos were YouTube and Vimeo. The majority of social media platforms have now taken up the use of videos.

The marketing implication is that digital marketers should make generous use of online music and videos. Consider posting PowerPoint slides, video clips, short animations and related GIFs on social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

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8th Trend: Digital Messaging Apps

Recent years have seen tremendous growth in digital messaging apps such as WhatsApp. These apps have moved from plain messaging to sending photos, MS-Office files, PDF documents, and videos. The number of people using these apps has also increased considerably.

So, the strategy that online marketers should follow is to consider using these apps for marketing, while offering customer support at the same time. A massive membership often means a wide audience for online marketers.

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9th Trend: Snapchat

Though its features are almost identical to WhatsApp, this is an app marketers cannot afford to overlook. Its use has spread very widely in recent times. Like many messaging apps, Snapchat supports sending both images and videos. It is easy to install on all Androids and smartphones, making it one of the most widely used apps.

To fit in technologically, marketers should consider designing and sending digital images via Snapchat. A graphic design expert can help create catchy marketing images that will trend through this app.

According to Meeker’s report, there are other trends that have a notable impact on digital marketing such as:

10th trend: Gaming and Gamification

There are many gaming opportunities on the internet. Gaming sites are spreading like wildfire, and marketers can link to them as a marketing strategy.

11th trend: An Increase in the Subscription Businesses

Subscription-based businesses have proved to be more effective to both consumers and businesses alike. They are additional software which allows consumers to access services conveniently, while providing recurring revenue for businesses. It is a win-win situation for both sides.

So, what’s the best resolution for digital marketers? Consider selling through subscriptions. Any commodity or service that offers regular consumption is sellable via subscription.

12th Trend: China Internet Trends, with Special Focus on Entertainment and Transportation

Initially, digital marketing was only visible in the US. Recent trends have shown that electronic marketing has entered a new phase after expanding to China. An online market for products, especially in the entertainment and transport sectors, has thrived in China.

So, what’s the takeaway? Digital marketers need to go international. This can be challenging, but the advantage lies in the fact that unlike other forms of marketing, digital marketing does not require one to set up physical premises in order to sell in a new country. You can always set up a virtual office to support the objective.

13th Trend: India Internet Trends

Like China, India has realized its fair share of internet trends and it is best complemented by the ever-expanding market. As mentioned, internet marketers need to spread their wings further to tap these opportunities.

14th Trend: Healthcare

Today, there is an established online market for health care services, such as counseling. Patients can get health advice from online platforms. Information on health supplements and dietary options are among the many services that are fed online. Digital marketers should take up the marketing of these services, and benefit greatly.


The internet as a whole is very dynamic. There will always be massive changes happening day in, day out. Web design experts will tell you most of these changes open a new dimension for user experience. Internet marketing relies largely on the use of the internet, and you may need to opt for blog installation. With a blog, you can write and share content which will have readers subscribed for your email marketing. It’s about exploiting all the avenues available on the internet. For you to make it as a successful online marketer, you need to be flexible and ready to learn. To remain a key player, you must open your mind to new possibilities and adapt accordingly.

Are you involved in digital marketing and affected by some of these trends? Kindly leave a comment below, telling us how you have dealt with the emerging internet trends.

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