11 Cool Things You Can Do With JavaScript

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In 1995 the computer programming language, JavaScript, was created.

Since its inception, it's travelled a rocky road, but JavaScript has evolved into a popular language that is currently being used to do some really cool things in the online world.

The programming language is finally being given the credit it deserves as a multi-dimensional player in the programming game.

Here are 11 things I bet you didn't know you could do with Javascript!


1) Fly a drone.

Using Node. JS you can now program a drone and send commands to get it to do exactly what you want it to.

There's even an annual European drone conference, Nodecopter, where coders program a drone and present their work to the other attendees. 


 2) Control 3D games WITHOUT your keyboard.

This is what you've been waiting for! A way to access high-quality gaming WITHOUT being tied to your computer!

The Gamepad API allows you to plug your console controller into your computer and control all games in your browser.

Depending on your favourite game, this isn't yet compatible with all browsers but I can say ‘yet' to give you hope that it's on its way! Some testing is still required.


3) Streaming Flash on your Apple devices.

The great Windows IOS divide has been further fuelled over the years by the lack of Flash on Apple devices. When Jobs decided not to support Flash on Apple devices in favour of HTML5, it nearly led to its demise.

Bikeshed has been built on a JavaScript framework and gives the option to run Flash on ios browsers which has almost certainly saved it from its own demise. 


4) Online communication.

That's right. With thanks to Node.JS being used as a server to the Navigator.getUserMedia, we're one step closer to moving away from external plug-ins for our video and camera social networking.

WebRTC (RTC = real time communication) is currently only available if you're using Google Chrome, but now that the ball is rolling I don't think it'll be long before the API is built into all browsers as standard giving us much more choice for sleeker online real-time communication.  


5) Creating mobile apps.

One of the biggest bones of contention of all time for developers is that as mobile platforms have their own coding language, apps can only be built on one or the other. 

Obviously, it's possible to build apps across multiple platforms but it's much harder if you're restricted by time or monetary requirements, as most developers are. 

Until now.

Apache Cordova previously known as PhoneGap is a Javascript foundation which allows the developer to build a code which can be implemented across all mobile platforms.

No more difficult decisions about which platform to use. Build it once and spread the app across all devices.


6) Arduino commands.

The Arduino board is an electronic platform which takes an input (such as flicking a switch or writing something online) and creates an output (such as turning a light on or posting a status update).

While the Arduino will only respond directly to C code, a language which many web developers don't feel at ease with, using Node.JS, data can now be received through the USB port making it a much cleaner data transfer. This gives much more sophisticated options for JavaScript-based Arduino outputs.

Check out Johnny Five for a cool library of JavaScript-based Arduino programs.  


7) Connect with Kinect.

Microsoft Kinect is a sensory-activated device used as a controller for the Xbox 360 however with thanks to our buddy JavaScript, you can now use Kinect directly through your browser. Check out the Kinect.JS library full of files and videos.

There are still some restrictions on using Kinect through your browser and you need to run a WebSocket server program for it to work, but that's currently being developed to streamline the add-on.


8) Screenshotting web harvest.

This is perhaps one of the coolest uses of JavaScript I've ever known!

Phantom allows you to scrape websites but instead of having to save all the data to a local source you can do a simple screenshot and display the data in the most appropriate form for your project.


9) Operate Python and Ruby from a browser.

Running Python and Ruby through a browser is kind of awesome because of the obvious reason, you can develop your website from anywhere in the world and with no restrictions.

Emscripten runs in the backend of the LLVM compiler and creates the ASM Javascript which assimilates free-standing apps and libraries into web based applications.

And yes, it is as easy as it sounds, go and check it out!


10) Creating desktop apps.

App.JS is an open source UI library that allows the creation of mobile apps for the desktop and doesn't compromise on looks or quality.

App.JS allows the creation of a desktop app with CSS and HTML while offering the reliability that building an app across platforms provides.

Still in its infancy, App.JS has a long way to go but it won't be long before it's supporting all operating systems including Mac.


11) Operating a web server.

Node.JS is a web server built on JavaScript which, while not uncommon anymore, has grown in popularity rather quickly. Node.JS is so appealing to so many because it's just so simple. And who doesn't need more of that in their life?

It's also supported by Microsoft which makes it even more popular among the masses.

There's so much cool stuff you can do with JavaScript and this list is only the tip if the iceberg. Many projects are open source too which means you can get involved and just keep learning. That's cool in itself!


Any cool things you can do with Javascript that we might've missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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